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  • How to improve the regulator oil insulation

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    Unfiltered regulator, the oil is mainly through the intake valve system, take the design of mobile oil filter to remove regulator oil dissolved water, dust, air and other gases, and then, the oil is pumped through the system, positive displacement pumps, after preliminary screening protection and magnetic solid particles, enter up to 1 mm the size of the pump. The oil is heated to 60 DEG C ink cartridge, heated, filtered, 5 micron particles which are filtered. Oil through a vacuum chamber specially designed, the water, the extraction of air and other gases from petroleum. The design of vacuum chamber, the oil is spread out and allow the gravity drop, and the oil film is formed on the media, providing a large surface area exposed to the vacuum of the way. With this contact, regulator of dissolved water and gases evacuated to improve the insulation performance of regulator oil.


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