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  • A summary of the characteristics of linear voltage regulator

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    LDO, which is a linear regulator. Under normal circumstances, the use of transistors or run in linear region is FET, the input voltage is subtracted from the application of the excess voltage, generated by adjusting the output voltage.

    所谓的压降电压,是指稳压器将输出的电压维持在额定值100mV 之内,其所需的输入电压以及输出电压差额的最小值。通常情况下,正输出电压 LDO稳压器主要使用功率晶体管(也称传递设备)作为 PNP。由于这种晶体管允许饱和,因此稳压器能够有一个很低的压降电压,一般在200mV 左右;与之相比,使用 NPN 复合电源晶体管的传统线性稳压器的压降则在2V 左右。负输出 LDO 使用 NPN 作为它的传递设备,其运行模式与正输出 LDO 的 PNP设备类似。

    Voltage drop across the so-called, is refers to the regulator output voltage is maintained at the rated value within 100mV, the required input voltage and the output voltage of the difference between the minimum value. Under normal circumstances, a positive output voltage regulator LDO the main use of power transistor (also known as PNP transmission equipment). Because of this transistor allows saturated, so regulators could have a very low drop voltage, generally about 200mV; in contrast, the use of NPN composite power transistor traditional linear regulator pressure drop is around 2V. Negative output LDO uses NPN as its transfer equipment, its mode of operation and the positive output LDO similar PNP devices.

    更新的发展使用 CMOS 功率晶体管,能够提供最低的压降电压。使用 CMOS,通过稳压器的唯一电压压降是电源设备负载电流的 ON 电阻造成的。如果负载较小,这种方式产生的压降只有几十毫伏。

    The updated development using CMOS power transistor, can provide the lowest voltage drop. The use of CMOS, through the only voltage drop voltage regulator is the ON resistance of the power supply equipment caused by load current. If the load is small, the pressure drop produced in this way only a few tens of mv.


    The advantages of the linear regulator:


    1) the output ripple voltage low

    2)出色的 line 和负载稳压

    2) excellent line and load regulation


    3) change of the load and the line rapid response

    4)电磁干扰 (EMI) 低

    4) electromagnetic interference (EMI) low


    The disadvantages of linear regulator:


    1) low efficiency


    2) if you need cooling equipment, large space requirements