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    Figure 1: China International Broadcasting Network Exhibition admission mouth

    In March 20, 2014, on the "integration of high speed network, the pilot of new media era" as the theme of the twenty-second session of the CCBN China International Broadcasting Network Exhibition kicked off in Beijing China International Exhibition center. To require the use of radio and television precision equipment for power supply, Shanghai Wenlida Electric Co., Ltd withradio and television specific voltage stabilizers and new product - chopper power participated in the exhibition (Booth No.: 8B hall 508).

    Figure two: Radio and television specific voltage stabilizers and chopper power on display

    In the exhibition, Wenlida show radio and television specific voltage stabilizers has the characteristics of high efficiency, low loss, small waveform distortion, high precision, wide range,fast regulating speed etc.. This product adopts 485/232 communication interface, can realize the remote control function and network system. At the same time, large LCD interface using LCDdisplay, suitable for intelligent human-computer dialogue, user-friendly operation.

    At the same time, the new product - chopper power displayed to the customer, can meet the needs of various industries. It is based on advanced PWM control technology, can directly control the compensation voltage, has no electric spark, fast response, no advantageadjustment compensation voltage etc.. And the product in the main circuit structure is mainly composed of a compensating transformer TB and PWM voltage regulator module consists of CB, when the external input voltage is changed, the PWM voltage regulator module will automatically adjust the output voltage, so as to change the compensation transformer outputvoltage compensation, keep the output voltage stable. So, in all kinds of equipment meets the external voltage mutation, chopper power can use its own advantages, automatically adjust the output voltage, load equipment voltage stably, to eventually realize the load device can always take the running state of the best.

    Figure three: negotiate with customers

    This exhibition, Wenlida also users of consulting put forward professional advice and solutions.Lida Beijing CCBN exhibition a complete success, thanks to come to visit, consultation,negotiation to new and old customer support! More exhibition information, please look.