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      Chinese International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMES) in 2014 June 18 at the Beijing International Exhibition Center to pull open heavy curtain. This exhibition, Lida Company carryindependent R & D products grand appearance, high quality products to win all the guests of the eyeball.


    Map: the exhibitors and communicate with customers

    The focus of this exposition to display new customers for chopping power, it can meet thedemand of various industries. Based on the advanced PWM control technology, can directly control the compensation voltage, has no electric spark, fast response, no advantageadjustment compensation voltage etc.. And the product in the main circuit structure is mainly composed of a compensating transformer TB and PWM voltage regulator module consists of CB, when the external input voltage is changed, the PWM voltage regulator module will automatically adjust the output voltage, so as to change the compensation transformer outputvoltage compensation, keep the output voltage stable. So, in all kinds of equipment meets the external voltage mutation, chopper power can use its own advantages, automatically adjust the output voltage, load equipment voltage stably, to eventually realize the load device can always take the running state of the best.

    In addition, the show is the SBW series compensation type AC voltage regulator, the regulatorand other products compared with large capacity, high efficiency, no wave distortion, voltage regulating smooth advantage. Application of wide load, can withstand the clockwise overload,continuous work, city power regulated freely switch, automatic protection device is provided with an overvoltage, overcurrent, phase sequence, mechanical failure. CNC machine tools, textile and light industry, broadcasting, communications and other fields of well-known enterprisessupporting the designated products.

    Map: Wenlida staff introduce the product information for the guests

    The exhibition is also makes numerous participating guests to watch the smallest machine tool special for transformer. This product is based on the special transformer of NC machine tools industry needs of users tailor-made accessory products - machine, special machine regulator withanti high frequency interference, electromagnetic and anti surge performance, not only has thephase adjustment, rapid adjustment, no noise and so on, are also equipped with RS-232 interface, can realize remote control, telemetry, remote communication function, and with theperfect protection function.