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    Pre sales service process

    According to the actual situation, when necessary will send engineers to the scene to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the user site, in a comprehensive understanding of the operation requirements under the premise to formulate a plan according to the actual situation of liaison and communication, transportation, open plan in place in commissioning plan, project supervision plan, product maintenance plan and quality feedback scheme. The plan will beimplemented in a written confirmation of the user.

    The testing phase of service process

    The dispatch of engineering and technical personnel to the scene after the opening ofcommissioning, trial run with load 24 hours. Equipment to be stable after the operation, both sides confirmed the signing, engineering and technical personnel can withdraw from the scene.During this period will be responsible for the overall supervision of the project by a professional engineer.

    After sale service process and matters

    Products set up specialized customer files, to the sale of products for one year warranty, life-long maintenance. 24 hours all-weather remote technical support, the telephone service center(021-62215547). Response time of 2 hours, i.e. making service plan within 2 hours, approved by the user into practice. The warranty period will be replaced free of charge due to component defects and manufacturing process problems such as failure parts. The fault caused by improper operation for the customer, will be charged component cost and traffic accommodation.Replace the component replacement occurred after the warranty period or other accessories,cost only and traffic fee and fee.

    Training service matters

    If the customer has the demand of training, the company can provide customers paid to providemaintenance personnel training services. The main contents of training principle of regulator,debugging, maintenance, performance, operation time, according to actual circumstances. Free of charge to provide various kinds of equipment and instruments practice teachers and the site for the training of personnel, to provide free learning materials and learning places. In theconsultation between the two sides on a consistent basis, to designate a person responsible forliaising with the relevant techniques in business matters, Eli keeps both long-term communication and cooperation.