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    • Analysis and elimination of the emergency power supply failure 2014-10-30

      1 normal but emergency power indicator light does not shine, or emergency power supply indicating lamp of liquid crystal display fingering menu display "AC, LOSS". Check supply emergency power supply electric circuit breaker or circuit breaker on the cable connection is good, the elimination method, the replacement of the circuit breaker, check the connecting cable.

      2. 市电正常状态下,蜂鸣器报警声,应检查应急电源输出,负荷是否超载,如超载应断开部分负载。

      2 normal condition, the buzzer alarm sound, should check the emergency source of electrical power output, load whether overload, such as overloading should disconnect the part load.

      3. 故障指示灯亮,检查输电负载有短路,或控制电路有故障以及逆变器湿度过高或充电器故障,请断开应急电源输入断路器并与销售商联系。

      3 fault indicator light, check the transmission load short circuit, or control circuit fault and the inverter high humidity or charger failure, please disconnect the emergency source of electrical power input circuit breaker and contact the seller.

      4. 当市电停止时应急电源无输出功能,检查电池组或输入插座之间的连接线是否接触良好,排除方法重新连接导线。

      4 when the electricity stopped when the emergency power supply without output function, the connection line between check the battery or input socket is good contact, troubleshooting re connecting wire.

      5. 应急电源隔三个月保养一次,试验电池的状态用吸尘器或清洁的软布擦拭机壳和通风格栅孔。

      5 emergency power every three months of maintenance time, test the state of the battery with a soft cloth cleaner or cleaning wipe the chassis and through style gate hole.

    • Non contact voltage regulator fault analysis and elimination 2014-10-30

      1 regulator can not start, check whether the lack of phase power system, fault phase or the presence of abnormal phenomenon of power grid, and check input voltage with the machine use scope, the elimination method is to check the voltage of the input power of the.

      2. 不能稳压,检查控制板的工作电源,输入输出采样电路接触是否良好或断线,然后检查保险丝是否熔断。排除方法,更换控制板,更换保险丝。

      2 can not be regulated, check the work of power control board, an input and output sampling circuit contact is good or broken, and then check whether the fuse fuse. Troubleshooting, change control board, replacing the fuse.

      3. 稳压器故障无法判断不能停机时,请将稳压器处于直通状态暂时使用。

      The 3 regulator failure cannot judge cannot stop, please send the regulator in direct state temporarily use.

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